Fytolaca Slimming Therapy

MASOOD Fytolaca Slimming Therapy – 60 Tablets


Masood’s Fytolaca is the proven remedy for reducing weight naturally. It stimulates the immune and lymphtic system.
Cleanse body of toxins leading to weight reduction and relieves join pain caused by arthritis.
It’s a remedy for obesity and non toxic goitre. Is a good of iodine which probably explains its effectiveness in the treatment of obesity associated with thyroid deficiency and helps in weigh control. It contain compunds like lnuin and a low calorie carbohydrate called laevulose(frutocse) that helps in weight reduction.

Fytolaca Slimming Therapy

Fytolaca Slimming Therapy

– It is helpful in burning extra fat and helps in reduction of weight naturally.
– Reduce high cholesterol level due to obesity or other causes.
– Heal Arthritis if due to obesity or degenerative changes.
– Reduce Obesity if due to Iodine Deficiency.
– Heal Over weight diabetics.
– Recommended for people who are overweight due to deposition of fat in their muscles.
– Recommended for people suffering from thyroid disorders and metabolic problems.
– Original & Natural – Economical & Effective.

MASOOD Fytolaca Hf Slimming Therapy – 180 Tablets

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